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Livery Yard

Ride Farm stables are situated in Hilton Park between the villages of Essington and Shareshill, Staffordshire and are very accessible to the Cannock and Wolverhampton areas. We offer a well organised, established and friendly DIY livery yard, providing stable blocks in both traditional and modern styles alongside 90 acres of grazing land in a parkland setting. Many of these stables were originally constructed by Squire Vernon when the farm was built in the 19th Century.

The yard is quiet and secure, being located half a mile along a private road. It is monitored by CCTV cameras and provides the following facilities:

In addition to the above, we have an indoor riding arena with a sand and rubber floor covering. This arena is floodlit, puddle-free, and close to the stables. In addition, we have a set of show jumps which can be borrowed at request.

Our grazing is maintained to the highest of standards and securely fenced; the majority of which is post and rail / electric fencing. Our grazing land is actively managed by Nigel Simkin, who has a HND in Agriculture, as follows:

We also provide hay, haylage and straw bedding (where stables and grazing is provided). All of the hay and straw is grown on Ride Farm and if any extra is required, it is sourced from trusted local suppliers. This ensures a consistent standard of hay and straw: only hay and straw of the highest quality is provided and it is stored during the winter months under cover. Hay, haylage and straw is provided at regular intervals within the prices set out below.

Cost of Livery

Our livery yard tariffs are:

  • grazing only - 55 per horse per calendar month; or,
  • stables and grazing - 110 per horse per calendar month (including hay, haylage and straw bedding).

We are also able to provide individual paddocks for horses with injuries or illnesses. For further information please contact Nigel who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide an indicative cost.